Simone Weinstein

Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia Overcomer

Simone's Caringbridge page

Simone is now doing wonderfully, and in Dec. 2011 graduated, a semester early, with honors, from Whittier College, where she majored in art.

She now (Apr. 2013) works full time in the curation department of the San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa Park

Here is Simone interviewed on teen cancer in the 3/15/10 New York Times.

Here is at blog she maintained for a little while.

Here is a pamphlet Simone wrote to help teens who have friends with cancer:

My Friend Has Cancer:  A Pamphlet for Teens by Simone


A photographic progress:


Recovering from methotrexate-caused stroke, August 2004


Waiting for spinal tap, December 2004


Looking Good, November 2006

Simone was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia in January 2004, when she was 14 years old.  With the support and love of friends and family, and not to mention the wonderful doctors at Children's Hospital, she has made it through chemotherapy and is now (April 2013) doing wonderfully and planning her wedding to her fiancée, Mark Grossman.  This journey is documented on Simone's Caringbridge website, lovingly maintained for her by Jeanette Gross.  The website has some pictures of Simone but, most importantly, a journal.  Please take a look by clicking through below.

Simone's Caringbridge page

These items are referenced in various journal entries on Simone's Caringbridge site:

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Simone's Sweet 16 Thank You Speech

Aaron's speech at Simone's October 2005 Sweet 16

Simone's Make-A-Wish Purse, December 2005

Simone's Make-A-Wish Event Photos, December 2005

Simone's December 2005 Make-A-Wish Thank You Speech

USA Today April 2006 Article on Simone and Lauren

Simone July 2006 cellphone movie

Photos of Simone's November 2006 trip to Europe

The Dark Side of the Purple Heart by Simone (March 2008)

Simone's Senior Project:  My Friend Has Cancer, A Pamphlet for Teens (April 2008)

Senior Prom:  June 2008

My sister's Team-in-Training webpage


While Jeanette, who keeps the Caringbridge site, was away during August 2004, I kept the daily journal here:

August 2004 Journal


Wedding Day with mom and dad, San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, November 9, 2013