Midi files from Sheet music


The following files are scanned into midi files using the rather amazing Sharp-Eye Music Scanning Software.  Some of the songs are incomplete; this is because they are excerpts from sheet music I don't have that are included as advertising in other song sheets that I do have.  The pictures are from various ebay sellers and the collections linked to at the bottom of this page.


Ziegfeld Follies


"Silent" Movies


Rodgers and Hart


Movie Musicals




Interesting sheet music collections include:

    Sheet music consortium

    John Hopkins University Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music

    Indiana University sheet music collection

    University of South Carolina Sheet Music collection

    University of Oregon Historic Library

    Brown University Yiddish Sheet Music collection

    MIT Lewis Library sheet music collection

    University of Iowa sheet music digital collection

    UCLA archive of American popular music

    Washington State Historical Society sheet music collection

    Baylor University Spencer collection of American sheet music

    Yiddish sheet music

    University of Mississippi Sheldon Harris sheet music collection

    Free Piano sheet music

    Finding Sheet Music

    Sheet Music Co

    8 notes


    Sheet Music Archive

    Sheet Music Plus

    Detroit Public Library E. Azalia Hackley collection

    19th Century California sheet music

    Duke University Guide to sheet music collections

    Smithsonian Bella C. Landauer collection of aeronautical sheet music

    Library of Congress American Sheet Music Collection

    Collecting Sheet Music